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We are here to help all homeless Dobermans! We are a 100% NO Kill animal rescue. Please call us before you surrender your dog to see how we can help you keep your pet. If you need food or vet care, lets talk about resources available if you are in need.  

Call our support line at  612-405-8522   

We will return your call within 24 hours.

If you need to surrender a Doberman and it fits our program, know we do have the ability to take them in the same day you contact us with a senior volunteer. 

For quickest response, if you are ready to surrender your dog, please fill out the "Surrender a Dog Form".

DPCA Logo   We follow the Doberman Pinscher Club of America's Code of Ethics.  For more information visit the DPCA at

Our number one goal is to help owners keep their beloved pets. If you are unable to keep your pet due to financial concerns, please call us as we may be able to help by donating some food, vet care or would know of resources to make keeping your pet priority. If your Doberman or pet is experiencing a major health/financial burden or crisis, please contact us first as we do have resources that may help your pet. 

Know we are here to help all Dobermans and their owners in times of need.  We understand life happens. Sickness, money, job loss, and so much more, might make it impossible to keep your beloved companions. We understand surrendering is a tough decision for any owner to make. We are here, to help, all who are in need.

If you have found a homeless Doberman, are a shelter wanting to find a breed specific rescue for a Dobermans or have made the decision to surrender your own Doberman, please contact us as soon as possible via email at, or complete the Surrender a Dog Form by clicking this link.  We cannot stress enough the importance of honesty in your communication with us.  We need to know as much as possible about your dog so that he or she can be placed in the proper home.

Things to know about our program:

*We are a foster home based rescue, meaning we do not have a shelter to house rescued Dobermans. Our adoptable Dobermans live in homes with foster families, learning and being loved as one of their own dogs. They are exposed to all the joys of every day living while we learn more about them. We do try to evaluate all our surrendered dogs prior to placement in a foster home, with a senior volunteer. 

*If time is of essence we can help you today! Yes, we can take in your Doberman or any approved surrender the same day you contact us. A senior rescue volunteer is available daily, 24/7, all year round, for evaluation and placement in our program. Please fill out the surrender dog form for quickest response. 

*Our senior volunteers are highly experienced with the Doberman breed and have owned and loved them for well over 40 years. Many volunteers in our group have worked with rescue Dobermans their entire lives, accumulating many years experience living, loving and working with the fabulous Doberman breed. 

*We do not take in human aggressive Dobermans, aggressive Dobermans, or Dobermans with any previous aggressive human bite history for liability reasons. NOTE!  Dobermans that bite children please contact us so we can discuss the situations of the bite. Not every bite is human aggression, lets talk first.

*We do not euthanize our rescued Dobermans and are a no kill rescue. We do not set time limits on how long we will foster a Doberman, once we take in a Doberman to our rescue UDR is committed for the rest of that Dobermans life. We foster for as long as it takes to find them the right home and  until they are adopted. If it takes years to find them the right home they stay in a foster home in our program. The only exception would be if one of our rescued Doberman would show excessive human aggression after it came into rescue and we could not work through it. While this is rare, we would first work with these Dobermans with a professional veterinarian behaviorist and exhaust all resources first.  

*If you purchased your Doberman from a breeder, please review your purchase contract before surrendering to any rescue as you may be required to return your dog to your breeder. All GOOD Doberman breeders do require Doberman purchasers to return Dobermans to the breeder.   If you would like information on good breeders that United Doberman Rescue recommends, please contact us. A side note on  AKC dogs and breeders- UDR gets a number of Dobermans who are AKC registered. Buying a puppy from a breeder who has AKC registered puppies does not mean the breeder is reputable! Please do your research! Contact local rescues to see if that specific breeders puppies and adult dogs end up in rescue. If they do end up in rescue and won't take them back, they are not reputable and breeding for all the wrong reasons, to get your money. There are MANY of these breeders out there! They do not care about what health issues or temperament issues they are breeding into their puppies either. Your sweet little AKC puppy could grow up with major issues! Make sure your breeder is doing something to improve the breed, such as titling the dogs they are breeding and ensuring the pups are coming from champion parents that have been tested for temperament and health extensively. Again, your breeder may have AKC puppies, but this alone does not make them reputable!

*If you adopt from us and need to rehome your Doberman/pet, you MUST return your dog/cat to UDR per our adoption contract for the life of the Doberman/pet. No exceptions!

*Our rescue and foster homes are dedicated to homeless Dobermans, and we do not offer long-term foster for owners that want dogs back due to liability reasons. Should you need a long term foster please contact us for possible resources! Dog boarding facilities, a friend or family member would be a good resource. Military folks please contact us for resource help!

Why choose United Doberman Rescue?

We know Dobermans! Our volunteers have well over 100 years combined working with rescue Dobermans, with extensive experience living with this special breed. We care about what happens to all Dobermans and want to ensure a healthy, happy and loving environment for the lifetime of each and every Doberman we can assist. We complete a home visit and vet check prior to any adoption to ensure every Doberman is placed in a loving forever home that provides a healthy and safe environment for each and every dog in our program that we adopt out. 

We can take in dogs the same day you contact us as we have a wide network of volunteers, with many immediate options for homeless Dogs/Dobermans.

We  support all our Dobermans and their owners for their entire life, and will take our dogs back should it not work out in their new homes. Once a UDR dog, always a UDR dog for their entire life. 

The Doberman Ranch

PO Box 984 •  Buffalo, MN 55313 - 8522  •  (612) 405-8522 •  support [ at ]