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Love beer, love dogs?? Rescued Dog was born out of love for a special needs rescued Dobe-girl named Grayce, the love of a good IPA, and the firsthand knowledge of the financial need rescue groups face every day. 51% of all proceeds from every sale of Rescue Dog Beer items go directly back to help animals in need. Help support dogs in need by shopping and choosing United Doberman Rescue to benefit from your purchase! Drink beer and save a life!

Purchase T-shirts, Sweats & items to support our homeless animals 

for sale directly from United Doberman Rescue'S 

eBay store!

 All proceeds from our store go directly to our homeless animals!



Do you sell items on Ebay?

Donate a portion of your sales to our homeless dogs!

Be an Ebay "hero" by supporting us and get your item seen by more on Ebay at the same time!

If you sell items on Ebay you can designate a portion of your sale go to United Doberman Rescue at no cost to you!


PO Box 984 •  Buffalo, MN 55313 - 8522  •  (612) 405-8522 •  support [ at ]